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Lease Audit

Lease Audit is a broad topic that means different things to different people. In most cases Lease Audit is associated with auditing Operating Expenses (“OE”). OE reconcilliations are an annual ritual in which the Tenant scrutinizes the Landlord’s numbers for … Read the rest of this entry

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What effect will Capital Lease Accounting have on Tenants?

As if Tenants didn’t have enough things to worry about, soon they will have a new accounting regulation with which to comply. This is known as Capital Lease Accounting. This regulation will not affect leases per se, but it will … Read the rest of this entry

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What’s better – TI Allowance or Turnkey Buildout?

Most commercial real estate lease transactions include some construction modification to the space (“Premises”). The improvements can be as simple as paint and carpet, or more complex with demolition and new construction. Negotiating the Tenant Improvements (“TI’s”) often is the … Read the rest of this entry

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